The Garage

Here’s what we’re dealing with.

It’s a great place to store bikes, tools, kayaks and garden supplies. Plus, it’s also a cozy home to an unknown number of mice, running around the rafters and building nests in straw bales. Over the years, the galvanized roof has become more rusted and the garden hops vines have found their way inside, spindling around the doug fir framing, never quite turning green from the lack of sunlight. And after a heavy rain, a puddle or two can always be found on the concrete slab.

The dimension of The Garage are about 20′ x 20′, but that’s being generous. The framing and rafters are mostly beautiful, old doug fir which has stood the test of time. We’re not quite sure when The Garage was built, but there are several clues that might help it be dated. Firstly, the garage door motor is from the 90’s. But it’s clearly older than that because at the point where the electrical line enters the garage, there is an old school fuse box. A quick search revealed that fuse boxes were widely replaced with circuit breakers in the 60’s. So, perhaps our garage is 50 years old or more.

Maybe 50 years ago they really didn’t care that the north side of The Garage was built less than a foot off the neighbor property line. Times have changed and zoning rules have too, so we are going to have to address this one way or another during the design and permitting phase of the project. Standard zoning now requires a 5′ setback from the property line, but I’ve heard there are ways to address this either through obtaining a permitted variance or keeping by “converting” the existing garage (keeping a wall, not changing the dimensions of the structure). Time will tell as we work with our architect to see where this takes us.

Exisiting Garage 2

Exisiting Garage 1

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