Ground Breaking!


Can you believe we started this blog almost two years ago, it has been dormant to say the least. But, there’s a lot to update because we have… Broken Ground!

So, this is what has happened in two years:

  • Finalized the design with Strongwork Architecture
  • Received a Land Use Review approval to build within the 5′ setback
  • Waited to see if Multnomah Co. would revise their prop tax calculations (they did)
  • Waited to see if the Portland SDC fees would continue to be waived (they did)
  • Submitted final plans to the city for permits
  • Permits granted
  • Selected Shelter Solutions as our builder
  • Systematically removed everything from the garage
  • Rented a dumpster from Flannery’s Drop Box

Ground breaking was such a long time coming that we weren’t quite sure what to think. A mix of emotions for sure: enthralled, scared, nervous, excited. Watching the excavator tear down the garage was so exciting and, at the same time, we realized that officially, there’s no turning back now! It didn’t take long, a mere 20 minutes, for the tractor to flatten the garage. The operator stated: “That’s the 2nd least stable building I’ve ever torn down.”

The garage, or what’s left of it, is now nestled into a huge dumpster that’s parked in our driveway. They should be hauling that away shortly leaving just the old concrete found to be torn out and trucked away.

Short term next steps:

  • Robert Johnson, our surveyor, will return to mark the ADU foundation markers
  • Excavation of the soil for the foundation
  • Trenching for utilities from the house to ADU
  • Concrete forms
  • We need to continue picking materials and planning the IKEA kitchen.

So, yes, a lot has happened and it’s only just getting started!