Getting the siding on was a major visual milestone for us! It’s so wonderful to see the ADU take shape on the outside and discover the little details that help make our space unique.

Here’s the south side going up. Notice the furring strips that the siding is nailed into. This, as detailed in an earlier post, creates a “rain screen” for moisture to run down incase water gets behind the siding.

Cedar shingles on each gable end.

The front is looking so great! Imagine this with our future glass doors letting even more light into the space. We are considering moving the arbor up 4 or 5 inches, as we didn’t foresee the arbor supports (corbels) interfering with the doors swinging all the way open. Currently they can only swing 90 degrees open before hitting the corbel. Chalk that up to “things you don’t considering while looking at the plans”.

Finally, pretty excited to see some child labor happening on site!

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