Our builder has said a few times “You’ll be able to heat your ADU with a candle.” The concept of that is pretty alluring, though perhaps a little far fetched (I’ll be sure to test it out). Either way, insulation has gone in and the space seems like it’s going to be pretty nice.

The first step was 3″ of spray foam insulation in the ceiling. This not only provides about R20 in the ceiling but also sealed all air gaps.

After the spray foam, additional insulation was blown into the ceiling cavities, creating a total of over R35 in the ceiling. You can see the worker on the left blowing in the loose insulation behind the sheer material. Above the worker on the right you can see the sprayed insulation.

Here’s the finished ceiling insulation. Drywall will be next.

The following work day, they came back and installed the wall insulation. They cranked out this step in just a few hours. Small areas and electrical junction boxes were given a shot of spray foam to insulate behind. They also ran a bead of caulking around the sill plate to stop leaky airflow from between the outside and inside.


2 thoughts on “Insulation

  1. Wow! Amazing progress for y’all! Believe it or not we are at the exact same stage! Just finishing insulation and ready to start drywall in the next few days! 😊


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