Electrical & Plumbing

I have a new understanding and respect for plumbers and electricians, especially the guys working on our small house. It’s a tight fit to get everything running through the walls, avoiding obstacles and maintaining the correct slope. Fingers crossed that when we flip a light switch that the shower doesn’t turn on!

It was also interesting to learn about what’s up to code. For example, wall outlets need to be placed every 12′. We’ve been living in a house built in 1926 and we’re lucky to have maybe two outlets PER ROOM.

Electrical and plumbing under the kitchen window.

IMG_9302.JPGJust some of the wires running for the bathroom. The yellow wire in the upper left runs to a small electric space heater for the bathroom.

IMG_9317.JPGWe had to get a new double power meter on the side of our house and it’s a little ridiculous how big this thing is. Notice the large feeder wire heading into our basement through the hole in the exterior wall.

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