Mini Split Puzzle

Determining the indoor location of the mini split proved to be one of the biggest challenges to date. The plans called for the indoor blower to be up in the loft, next to the bed, but the reality of that location was less than ideal. Not only would the heating and cooling blow down onto people sleeping only a foot away, but the conditioned air would have a lot of structural obstacles to move around to get to the lower level. Other wall locations were not viable because of the firewall, while another location was unsightly.

We finally, finally determined the best location and we’re really happy about it. It’s high enough to heat and cool the entire ADU, yet the indoor unit is tucked away. The extra bonus was the ability to run the refrigerant lines along the underside of the exterior eave, which will be enclosed and never seen.

To be honest, the mini split is one of the things I’m most excited about – modern and efficient heating and cooling!

Indoor blower location.

Refrigerant lines running in the eave.

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