Framing: Day 1

Framing goes fast.

Five guys cranked out framing from about 8am to 4pm and they made a ton of progress. This is our first opportunity to see what we’ve only looked at on paper to come into the 3D world. It’s so exciting. Some impressions so far:

  • The size of the ADU in the backyard feels about right, a little more encroaching than the old garage, but that’s expected
  • The lofted ceiling is going to be awesome.
  • The bathroom is small, or let’s call in “intimate”

A few snags from today:

  • The framers built the little bathroom wall between the shower and toilet, based on the plans. That was an easy fix for them to remove.
  • The black metal hanger brackets we wanted didn’t make it into the materials order. The GC is scrambling to source those asap.
  • The spacing of the four front upper windows was awkward and not how it looked on the plans (good catch Leighann). We caught that in time to have them adjust the spacing to be equal across the top.
  • Bathroom sink plumbing and supply lines come up out of the floor rather than out of the wall. This is a way bigger deal and we need to address this with the GC. We’re not sure why, one theory is the North wall of the ADU is “fire rated” and that changes the building in that area? Bathroom vanities all have utilities coming out of the wall, so we have some problem solving to do.

Some photos from today:




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