Slab & Trench

No, Slab & Trench is not the latest Portland restaurant serving meat loving diners. We’re well into the site work in and around the ADU, piles of soil everywhere, open trenches to hop over.

Roberto and his team prepped the site for the monolithic slab, they added the plastic vapor barrier, rebar and metal mesh, which reinforces the concrete.


They built a temporary hoop house to shield from the rain, and it was all hands on deck while the concrete was pumped into the forms.


They came back later that night to smooth out the surface.


The other activity that has actually been very disruptive, has been the utility trenching that runs from the ADU to the main house. This trench serves a handful of purposes, it’s where the utility conduits run and all told there will be:

  • 3″ sewer pipe (for poop, waste water)
  • 1″ PEX water line
  • 1″ data conduit (for coax and ethernet)
  • 2″ electrical (for power to the ADU)
  • 2″ electrical (for future solar panels)

We added the second 2″ electrical conduit at the last minute, thankfully they could accommodate the request. The south facing ADU roof would be perfect for solar panels someday, and rather than have to dig up the yard for a trench again in the future, we added the conduit “just in case.” Materials and labor for the conduit was $275, which seems nominal thinking about the labor and destruction of the backyard to dig it up later.


Here’s the little guy standing in our future kitchen.



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