No Shit!

Do you know what a cesspool from 1926 looks like? Neither do I, but we’re about to find out. The City of Portland called our bluff and wants to see if there really is a cesspool 10 feet behind our house. So, as our GC would say “We have a setback”.

This is just the kind of thing we’re learning to cope with, the unforeseen obstacles in our path, which usually equate to some kind of financial outlay. We need a survey? Oh, here’s $1500 for that. We need a cesspool decommissioned? Here’s some cash for that!

Fingers crossed there’s a long forgotten stash of buried treasure in the cesspool.

Sickergrube.jpgNot our cesspool, but could look something like this.

Update: No cesspool was found! They just filled it back in and called it good. That saved us some money.

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